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Communications - Data - Fire Protection - CCTV - UPS - Engineering

Communications: Cell tower erection, foundations, upgrades, replacements, antenna installation, and maintenance. We also provide SCADA-RTU Installation, RTU troubleshooting, microwave data systems, OPGW-ADSS installation, splicing and testing, and wave trap installation

Data and Fire Protection: Computers, servers, storage networks, wire racks, Halon - FM200 gas based fire suppresion systems, cable routing and HVAC cooling systems. Wet-dry pipe fire sprinklers, pumps-motors-controls, hydrants, back flow prevention devices, antifreeze glycol systems, air handlers, and fire alarms.

CCTV Security Systems: Camera controls, real time monitoring systems, infrared perimeter surveillance, intrution detection intercom, fiber optic cable splicing and connection, access controls, control and communication centers.

UPS: Commercial and industrial applications ranging from under 400VA up to over 1MVA. Our solutions protect from simple office servers to complete server units and large data centers. We also provide standby generators as well as battery racks which are key elements for critical power solutions where power protection and emergency backup is necessary during utility mains outages.

CVI has the neccessary expertise to provide the construction, maintenance and services which require an elevated level of attention and expertise that we continually meet and exceeds our customers' needs.

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