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Gas Flaring / Gas to Liquid / Modular Enclosed Ground Flares / Geothermal O.R.C. Power Generation / Wasted Heat Recovery

CVI is engaged in the design, manufacturing and installation of Renewable Geothermal Green Power Generation projects.

CVI  Modular Enclosed Ground Flares and Geothermal O.R.C. Power generation, are quiet modules with a minimum footprint which eliminates 99% of the methane emissions and harmful pollutants. They are engineers to manage low and medium gas flow rates and per specific residence time allowing a very high combustion efficiency under any atmospheric conditions or gas composition qualities.The enclosed ground flares are equipped with a vertical combustion chamber designed to operate by natural air draft which can be used for gas, liquid or combined emergency combustion. Our design considers burner layout and provision of combustion air to ensure complete combustion and has no fans, blowers, or moving parts and is engineered to accept multiple gas streams to ensure higher efficiency without emitting any smoke, odors or visible flames. Hot exit  gases from gas flaring are utilized as heat power generation through our Geothermal O.R.C. technology.  Under normal operation we do not expect solids in combustion flue gases. Our technology will keep the pressure drop of the combustor burners less than 6psi. We serve wasted gas flaring, landfills, heat to power, biogas, syngas and any wasted heat recovery from industrial sources.

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